Dee is a licensed Barber in West Los Angeles who takes the utmost pride in his work. Creatively and Professionally.
In addition to being a master at cutting fades, custom beard design and men's hair coloring, his attention to detail, sterilization habits, and professionalism has ensured his position as a reliable asset for numerous athletes, entertainers, and businessmen while in Los Angeles.

Whether at work on a production set doing the ‘hustle & bustle’ of Hollywood,

Or with a client at his Barber Studio in Los Angeles (the BarberCade), everyone he works on gets the star treatment!


Outside of the BarberCade. With Katana on 24hr guard duty.

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- @DeeTheBarber
"In all honesty I can say that Barbering was not in my early 'life plans' for myself" .
"A few of my friends and I had been cutting each other's hair since high school, so I was always confident I could cut. But it wasn't until my 20's that the money and freedom I saw a few proficient barbers enjoying got me curious. At the time I was working two jobs and had recently gone back to school part time. Got me curious enough to buy some new clippers and tighten up on my rusty skills".
"It didn't take long. I went back to school for hair.
Before I graduated I began working at one of the busiest shops in Los Angeles.
When I set my sites on something I will study and research the subject until I'm satisfied with my competency on the matter. It was no different with Barbering for me. The deeper I got into researching the history and practicing on different styles, the more connected I became to it all. I am a consummate student of my profession & its history".
Barber Fu
...Barbering as a profession has been around for centuries.
The scope of the work & duties performed by Barber-Surgeons (what they were called in the 1600's) has changed drastically.
The common thread between the Barbers of the 1300's and the 2000's are a few simple philosophies that have changed in words but not meaning over the millenniums.
  • Understanding that your mind, body and health are the foundation of all your blessings.
  • Grooming is something you do from the inside-out.
  • Every person should adhere to a Grooming ritual.
"I've had the good fortune in business to showcase my services for more than 10 years to the professional athletes, entertainers and V.I.P. of Los Angeles".
suit & tie
"My work has been in print and billboard ads, music videos, TV commercials and TV shows".

"Two years before the recession I opened one of the biggest Barber Shops in the city,

After 5 years of blood, sweat and tears I turned off the lights for the last time.

My days of overseeing ten chairs are in the past, but I most definitely still shave, color & cut"!

When I'm not On Set or doing an On Call service,
I take appointments at my Barber Studio near the Miracle Mile in Los Angeles.